posted by 433 Spaceman, 12/31/2017

Custom Zello Sounds

(updated 8/6/2018)

Right click (or long press) any of the links that you want to save, save them locally on your device, and then select them under the Options / Alerts section in Zello under Custom Alerts

2 way radio sound effects:

For the 2-way sound effects, they will sound more authentic if you change the Alerts volume setting to 0 db. By default it is set to -10 db (I beleive) which is too low.

  • Squelch Blip (for the end of incoming and the end of your transmissions)

(I also run a separate instance of Zello that only has emergency channels running so I use the following Motorolla sounds on incoming transmissions):

Speech Alerts:

Custom Zello Sounds on iPhone:

The following sounds are offered in the iPhone version of Zello under custom sounds. Making them available for other platforms:


If you use bluetooth headphones that cut out to save battery in between keyups, and this causes you to miss the fist half second of every message (not all headphones have this problem), playing this blank mp3 in the background (on constant repeat) will keep your headphones alive while using Zello: